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Sara Barry | Content Strategist & Copywriter

While you talk about what’s happening with your business, I’m hearing what you are excited about and where you’re leading with a should. I help you decide what the next step is — and how to talk about it in blog posts, in your newsletter, or on social.

I think about what you should be talking about to build community and connection with your audience. I also pay attention to the nuances of your voice and the details of your story. I work largely with personal brands, and you matter.

Clients call me their co-thinker, a second brain, and a creator of calm.

Most days when I get off a call with a client they tell me, “I feel so much better” or “I’m so much calmer now.”

Talking things through helps them get out of the swirl of all the things they can / should / want to do to find clarity and direction. We figure out the next steps and assign some to me. Taking away the pressure of producing content weekly is a relief, even for clients who like writing. 

I do what I shine at, so you can do what you’re brilliant at. I deliver great content while bringing a little more ease. I love being part of a team that brings great work to the world.

I’m a writer through and through. 

In my personal writing, I draw upon the changing seasons in my life, in my garden, and on my table. I delve into my stories and experiences as a writer and mom. You can read articles and essays, stories and writing prompts, and my current musings at write • nourish • grow.

I believe words matter. I believe in community and building connections. And I believe life is about the little moments—even in the middle of the big events. I try to pay attention to those.

Little things that delight me: a hummingbird in the quince bush, the sound of canning jars pinging, early mornings on my porch with a hot coffee mug warming my hands, watching my daughter devour a book, thrown together dinners with a neighbor, the glow of the sun through golden leaves on a gray fall day, the invigorating scent and energy of the ocean.

What’s delighting you these days? Where could use some help to make room for more delight?

Could I help bring more ease or calm?



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