What to Write When

Stop wondering what to write about next with a plan to keep your blog focused on your bigger business goal.

Is This You?

You don’t know what to write about.

You like to write or can write quickly—once you know what to write about.

You have tons of ideas but don’t know which one to write about now.

You are tapped out on ideas.

You’re not sure why you’re blogging any more. Some of your posts seem kinda random.

You don’t want to hire a copywriter, but you do want blogging to feel easier.

Enter What to Write When, a 3-month blog plan so you know what to write about and when to write it to keep your blog focused on your bigger business goals.

How It Works

You’ll provide me with some background so that I understand your business and exactly what you’re focused on for the next three months. (Are you launching a new product? Focused on list building?) We’ll have a long deep-dive of a call to brainstorm together. Then I’ll spend some time with our ideas and put together your writing action plan (yep, it’s more than just an editorial calendar).

You get up to 12 blog topics (one per week) designed to move readers toward your goals, whether it’s opting in, buying your latest program, setting up a consult . . . all organized around your business calendar.

For each topic you’ll get

  • 2 title options analyzed for effectiveness
  • Suggested keywords
  • Notes on what to write about, including ways to really personalize the post and any hooks or tie-ins related to the season, holidays, or business/industry-related events
  • CTA

Then it’s up to you. You’ll have everything you need to sit down and start writing—
No more searching for ideas. No more blank page.

Ready to get your content mapped out so you can get on with writing? Contact Me to Discuss.

Working with Sara to create my editorial calendar made blogging a breeze. I just talked to her casually about all the ideas in my head, and somehow she turned my rambling thoughts into a 3-month plan with headlines & calls to action that would support my sales goals.
Then when it came time to write, I already had a running start, and I knew that every blog post was design to build upon the last.
Sara is an amazing listener who organized my thoughts into actionable steps. I highly recommend What to Write When!

Meg Casebolt

Digital Strategist, Casebolt Creative

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to change topics?

The calendar is yours to adapt as you see fit. If a super timely topic comes up that your audience needs to hear about, swap it in. Make a note of the topic you didn’t use, so you can use it another time. If your business goals shift, your editorial calendar should follow. Want help adjusting? I’d be happy to help you, but it would be a service separate from the What to Write When package.

What if I’m still stuck writing?

I offer ghost blogging services on an as available basis. Interested? You can learn more here or contact me.

What if I don’t get what I’m supposed to write about?

My goal with notes is to capture the intent of the post and main ideas so that it’s clear what we meant by a particular topic/title. Please review your calendar when you receive it. I will check in with you soon after I send it out in case you have questions.

I wrote it, but I’m not sure it makes sense. Can you look at it?

I offer editing and writing coaching services. Turnaround time varies based on my schedule. For the best options, contact me in advance with your timeline and the number of posts you’d like editorial support on.

Can you set up more than three months?

Yes, but I only set up 3 months at a time. Beyond that your business goals are likely to pivot and you’d need to rework the editorial calendar. If you have a longer nurture cycle or a launch that will take you past the 3-month mark, I’d be happy to talk about a longer plan.

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