Ongoing Support

You’re ready to outsource your writing, but you still want to sound like you.Can you trust your voice to somebody else?

It’s your product, your service, your company. It’s your story and your voice.
That’s what I love about it—the personal touch and the growing relationship.

I work with a limited number of retainer clients, so I can really know your business and nail your voice—every time.

My long-term clients see increasing value when I become part of their team. As I get to know your business, brand, audience, and voice, our work becomes more and more targeted and your life gets easier. I find new ways to help you get results by getting your ideas and services to your audience.

What can I do for you? Recently I:

developed a content plan for a client’s next launch

pre-wrote a batch of posts for a client so she could take a 3-week vacation

wrote one of the most popular posts ever for a nonprofit’s blog

mined a client’s Facebook group for ideas for upcoming posts targeted to her audience’s exact needs

provided the start of a post into which my client inserted her personal stories (sometimes it’s just getting past that blank page)

helped a client gain clarity on the structure and message of her new web site

came up with the perfect name for an upcoming program—on the spot

If you’re ready for a little more ease and want to move writing off your plate every month, let’s talk about a copywriting retainer service.

  • $350/month for 5 hours of writing/editorial support
  • 3 month minimum
  • Each quarter we’ll get on the phone and plan out your content and projects. As part of that plan, we’ll assign some of the writing and deadlines to me.
  • We’ll touch base to update the plan as needed and as copy is ready.

Wondering if we are a good fit?

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