Creative Writing

You have stories to tell.
Maybe it’s the little stories…

those moments with your kids that you’re afraid you’ll forget or the time your mom let you wallow in a mud puddle or how it felt to have tea with your grandmother when you were 13.

Maybe it’s a big story…

how your perfect natural birth turned into an emergency c-section or what it felt like to wake up the morning after you lost your job and where you were a year later or what you want another parent to know when their child gets diagnosed.
Maybe you’re writing an article or an essay or a memoir.

Maybe you don’t know what you’re writing…

you just have this image stuck in your head or an idea you want to share.

But you’re busy. You stare at the blank page or screen. You start. And stop. You wonder if you should bother.

You should. Those stories want to come out. Your ideas want to get on the page. Sometimes you need to share the stories or others to hear—and sometimes you simply need to tell them to understand yourself and your world better.

In write • nourish • grow online workshops and retreats, I help writers tap their creativity and make time in their busy lives. We delve into memory and get grounded in the world we inhabit right now. We use writing as a practice to discovery and to share the stories we want and need to tell.


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