There's still quite a bit of snow over our snowdrops, but I'm looking forward to this next sign of spring.

We’re not quite here yet. There’s still a lot of snow covering the snowdrops, but it’s slowly melting and retreating. We’ll see them soon (I hope).

We’re in that messy middle season between winter and spring, when boots are necessary but sometimes you can skip a coat (and sometimes you can’t skip a coat but you do out of hope). The ground is still deeply blanketed with snow, but around the edges mud and dead grass are revealed, a little more each day.

Water flows down the driveway as ice and snow yield to the sun. And finally, it seems, the sap is running. I started going to sugar shacks two weeks ago, lured by pancakes and tradition, and the need for something to look forward to. We’ve visited three sugar shacks already, though I knew they weren’t boiling yet and any steam billowing was mere water.

But this week, it seems the sap is running, and I can feel the energy changing around me—and in me. I’m shaking off the sluggishness of winter. My body tells me to get moving, get running again. Ideas are flowing in a rush, and I’m trying to keep up, trying to collect and boil them down to their sweet essence.

Do you feel that shift too? Is spring flowing in you?

What are you doing with your spring energy?