Imagine waking up and hearing that you didn’t have to go to work and all your appointments were cancelled today.

The bells rang out on my college campus today signalling Mountain Day. Classes are cancelled. It’s a day to be outside, climb a mountain, eat cider donuts and ice cream.Make your own Mountain Day—stop and notice the beauty around youEver since I graduated, I’ve been tempted to take my own Mountain Day when I get the email announcing the arrival of this fall tradition.

I think about going on a hike or cancelling work for the day, but inevitably I’m on deadline or  catching up after a weekend away or just got a call from a client I haven’t heard from in a while. There’s always something isn’t there?

So I’m not calling off work today or pulling my kids from school, but I had a cider donut with my coffee. I’ll give my girls donuts or take them out for ice cream this afternoon.

I took a walk this morning, just around the block, no mountain involved, but I slowed down. I paid attention to the swirl of colors that has emerged recently, noticed the yellow against gray sky that has now brightened up to blue.

I’m not taking the whole day off, but I’m going to take a little break anyway. I encourage you to take your own Mountain Day today, or a least a Mountain Moment.

Take a break.

Have a treat.

Get outside.

Slow down.

Notice the beauty around you.

Happy Mountain Day!

 What are you going to do with your Mountain Moments?


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