My calendar is empty. I have no to do list.

I won’t be on a phone call with a group I meet with every other week or doing a training a client is offering.

I won’t be Christmas shopping or editing a chapter or paying bills.

And I won’t be online. Emails will wait. Facebook with chatter on without me.

On December 17, I’ll let the quiet settle around me. Settle within me.

Quiet and stillI’ll take care of my girls. I’ll be with my family. I’ll be kind to myself. I might walk or read or write a letter. I might work on the needle-felted turtle I’m making for my niece, not because I need to get it done, but because the process is soothing. I’ll see what I’m moved to do.

I leave this day open every year. In the middle of all the bustle and festivities and end of the year wrap up, I make space.

I make space to remember and  to sit with what ever emotions come. The emotions are hard, but that space, that quiet is beautiful.

You should try it.

Go ahead. Take a day. Let go of your “should do” list. Shut down the computer. Turn off your phone. Let things wait. Move slowly. Go outside. Soak up the sunshine no matter how weak or trace patterns in the stars. Breathe deep. Walk. Sit by the fire. Do what feels comfortable or comforting.

Let in quiet and stillness and peace.