Connect in the New Year

2015 was my year to open. 2016 is my year to connect.

This year I will connect:

  • with my family more closely by wrapping up and stepping away from my computer
  • with nature with more time outside
  • with what I love—the garden and cooking and friends (and I’ll connect those things that I love too)
  • with creativity through regular writing and crafting and space to think
  • with new clients in this new work I’m focusing on.
  • with other moms running businesses to share and learn and collaborate
  • with my world by getting out in my community, going new places, trying new things.

This year too, I want to connect the dots between the different pieces of my writing—the copywriting for clients, this blog, other creative writing that’s happening slowly (and I’m trying) regularly. I’m not sure these pieces fit together, but I’ll explore how they intersect or how to make sure they all get the space they need.

The most direct route to doing most of this is to be offline more (she says while online to blog). I haven’t figure this part out yet. I run an online business, so simply checking out and getting off line all the time isn’t the answer. Taking a break might be. Setting not-connected zones of time might be. My struggle to shutdown is one of the reasons I’ve resisted a cell phone for years. I know that when I take time off line, I read and get outside and sleep better. It’s (just) figuring out how to do it.

This past week, I’ve been busy connecting with clients after a break, connecting with potential new clients ready to dive into action in this fresh new year. I’m also connecting with the reality that I can’t do it all at once.

Today, I was tempted to sneak a little work in while everyone else is out tiring out the dog, but what I really needed to do was to connect back to my intention to make space for writing.

So here I am, coming back to this space, to connect.

Do you have a word of the year?




Are you open to a word of the year?

I love the idea of a word of the year, though I often struggle to find one. Nobody is carving my word in stone. If it doesn’t work or no longer fits, I can change it or just let it go.

2015 is my year to open.Write about openness


I want to be open to possibilities and new ideas and experiences, to keep an open mind and not jump to the reasons why something won’t work.

I want to keep my eyes open to see the beauty around me, notice what is happening in my life, be present.

I want my heart open to joy and wonder.

I want to get back to yoga and open my body and inner channels that are stuck.

I want openness around me—open space, less clutter—and open space in my schedule to reflect and dream and play.

I want to be outside in open places under the broad sky. I want to remember to look up at that sky, to scurrying clouds playing hide and seek with the moon or settling of rose-gold behind the branches as daylight settles out.

And I want to be open to new ways to see this word in my life as I move through the year. It’s a new year, and I’m open to change.

Your openingsWrite with Me Wednesday prompt: Write about the word open, opening, or openness. Where would you like to be more open? How do you see openings in your life? Start a story with an openning.

Think about openness in your own life. Where could you be more open? What would openness or openings look like for you? Freewrite about the word open or openness or openings.



Do you have a word of the year?

Did you choose your word, or did it choose you? Tell us about it.