snowdrops, early spring, hope blooms

Snowdrops aren’t even this far along … but I’m hopeful and dreaming of them getting there.




Today the green was brilliant. Emerald moss and dusty sage lichen and tiny points of snowdrops peeping up in a stubble by the back door.

Today the blue was stunning. The sky clear and open and bright. The sun streaming down from that blue, making my coat seem almost superfluous.

Today the ground was yielding, muddy in places. Clear of snow and ready for life to spring up.

Today is March. And so is tomorrow.

Snow is in the forecast. Wet and heavy, falling fast. Or maybe there, but not here. It’s March, and it’s unpredictable.

Today we stand out too long talking in the sunshine. The kids throw off coats and race outside when we get home, playing until dark as if it were truly spring.

I fill up the wood box. Sigh about the potential for another snow day. Mentally revise my schedule for the next few days.

This is March. Spring one day, snow the next.

I scroll quickly by pictures from friends in North Carolina and California and Oregon of green grass and budding branches and flowers blooming. I think of the snow drops and crocus tips just poking up ready to be buried. I remember that I could see the lilac leaf buds swelling from the window this morning.

I remind myself:

It’ll melt fast.

Spring will come for real.

This is March.

Today for a few minutes in the sun, I soaked in March, mastered mindfulness and presence. And then I grumbled about coming snow. I dreamed ahead to the day I start digging in my garden.

Today was spring or close enough. Tomorrow may bring snow. This is March.