What Clients Say


I’ve worked with Sara on various projects for different organizations over many years and highly recommend her editorial services. Whether working on a project for children or teen readers, for teachers and other professionals, or for a general adult reading audience, Sara is a true professional in every sense of the word. And, just as important to me, it is a true joy to work with her and engage in that collaborative effort that’s so essential for a project’s success.

—Jim Brissette, Senior Editor

I have worked with Sara on several educational publishing projects. She is a thoughtful and elegant writer. She has creative ideas and can express them clearly and precisely. Sara also knows how to adapt her message for a specific audience, whether it is children or adults. Sara is highly professional and a pleasure to do business with!

—Liz Grube, Managing Editor 

Sara is a problem solver. When given a topic, issue, or assignment,  she goes beyond the surface and digs deeper, frequently bring up issues that I may not have considered. She helps others to do better because of her willingness to go above and beyond. If Sara says that something will be completed in a certain time frame, it is. I like working with Sara. She is a team player who has supported us all the way through the writeTrain® development.

—Joseph Perkins, CEO