The garden is covered in snow and a sheet of ice. Stonework, fencing, the plants I didn’t cut back the only things showing where it should be. Garden books and seedwinter dreams catalogs are stacked by my chair. It’s time to dream

I dream of green:
Lettuce and spinach

I wonder how my garlic, planted in the fall, is doing. I imagine where the tomatoes will go. I contemplate new beds for fresh strawberry plants.

My garden sleeps, and I dream. 

This time of year, I read about new projects, new things to grow, new ways to grow it. I choose seeds. I just dream of warm days, moist earth, and green growth. And I wait.

This dormant time, this slow down, this dream time matters. The garden needs it. We do too. I tend to forget this. I need to turn off the computer and get outside for a walk (that one’s been tough lately). I find new energy as I move slowly through yoga again and go to bed earlier. I soak in hot baths and am mesmerized by the fire.

It looks like doing nothing, but a lot is happening. Resting, gathering energy, letting things move within you that are too busy when you are busy busy busy gogogo. Take time to daydream. Let yourself rest and go quiet like the garden does. Let your energy gather for more growth.

Take a walk, in woods or by water if you can. Mediate or do some yoga. Shut off your computer and tablet and phone. Let go of your list. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea or wine. Sip. Contemplate.

Then if you want, doodle, draw, or write in a journal.

For your journal

Try one of these prompts or words:

I dream of

  • Write the word or phrase at the top of the page and create a list or freewrite starting from it.
  • Write it in the middle of the page. Circle it and add other words and ideas branching off it.
  • Write it in the middle of the page and spiral your thoughts outward.

Be dreamy, be open. Don’t edit or censor. Just write and see what comes out.

 What are you dreaming of these days?