Write with Me Wednesday writing prompt: write a list of things you loveI love the smell of the ocean on a cool, misty day.

I love chocolate alone and with raspberries and with coffee.

I love running and the energy and dreaming that go along with it.

I love the change of seasons, especially summer to fall.

I love the ping of a canning jar sealing and opening one of those jars in the cold of winter, slathering hot toast with golden peach or dusky blueberry jam, tasting summer.

I love getting together with my sisters and laughing until we pee our pants.

I love spending the day reading in front of a fire.

I love libraries and all the information and stories and what I might find that they hold.

I love the hush in the mornings covered with fresh fallen snow.

I love a clean, tidy space with everything where it belongs (though I don’t like the process of getting there).

I love blank books and school/office supplies—even when I don’t need them.

I love neighbors who offer up dinner when I can’t figure out what to make one more time. I love neighbors who let me use their dining room as my office. I love neighbors who take time to look at my girls’ art even when they are besieged as they get out of their car at the end of the day. I love neighbors who say, “We should be having a cocktail” as we watch the kids run around together.

I love having a little market in town for eggs and milk and sausage and a bakery just the other way for bread.

I love cooking (though not so much What’s for dinner?)

I love cooking with friends when wine and stories and laughter flow freely as we chop veggies and dissect our lives.

I love a book I can’t put down. And one I have to slow down and savor. I could use one of either right about now. (Suggestions?)

Your Turn

Write with Me:
Write What You Love started yesterday, and our first writing activity was to make a love list. Join in for this activity.

Write I love at the top of the page or at the beginning of each line and keep listing things you love. Be general and all over the map or focus in on one thing and get specific about it.

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