Free Class—Write What You Love

I love the ever changing colors of fall, the vibrancy I feel in both the colors and the air. I love packing away sundresses and tank tops and pulling out the jeans and sweaters. I love watching the enthusiasm of my big girl playing soccer. I love kissing hands with my preschooler when I leave her for the morning. I love stepping outside first thing in the morning and breathing in the new day.

What do you love?

How can you tap back into the things you are passionate about?

I write.

Maybe you used to write and long to again.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a writer, but you have stories to tell, memories to save, things to sort out, ideas to share.

Write What You Love is for you.

Writing helps us slow down, focus on the moment, and pull up details. It helps us be more present and capture memories.

We’ll write about the things we love today and the things we used to love, maybe still do. We’ll write about objects and actions, people and moments.

Write What You Love is a free, three-day mini course designed to get you writing and connecting (or reconnecting) to things you love.

Each day I’ll email you a short activity —30 minutes or less—to get you writing.

It’s three days to get focused and get started.
Three days of inspiration and ideas to build on.
Three days to energize yourself by writing and thinking about—maybe even doing something  you love.
Three days that are just the beginning of a new practice of something you love.

Love it. Write it. Do it.

Sign up here.